M4A4 Poly Mag

The Recoil Collection

Price chart

StatTrak Factory New$2.30$1.47$2.39$1.69
StatTrak Minimal Wear$0.42$0.27$0.27$0.29
StatTrak Field Tested$0.19$0.13$0.13$0.12
StatTrak Well Worn$0.12$0.08$0.08$0.10
StatTrak Battle Scarred$0.13$0.08$0.08$0.12
Factory New$0.36$0.24$0.25$0.27
Minimal Wear$0.11$0.08$0.08$0.08
Field Tested$0.07$0.04$0.03$0.04
Well Worn$0.06$0.03$0.03$0.05
Battle Scarred$0.06$0.03$0.02$0.05

Price history

Clash.gg cases where you can find the M4A4 Poly Mag

CS2 cases where you can find the M4A4